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I went in knowing my credit sucked. But they assured me for sure they could work with me.

With what I ound out was a car I didn't even want. I'm not *** *** vince I know what I am able to get it meant u weren't gonna get the money u wanted. Called me a *** loser again to my face. Yes people a sales said that to a customer walked off and left me standin in the cold and I waited 30 minutes for them to bring my car around.

Talked trash about other competitors and other customers. If you wanted to be lied to and treated like a piece of trash go to pinnacle nissan. I've always bought nissan and that is the last time I go to that *** dealership. Other customers heard it the sales manager as standing right there and not one *** apology.

Vince your a *** lying,manipulative piece of dog ***. You are by far the biggest loser working as a sales rep and because of you, you make it hard for good people working as sales rep in that industry.

You are a *** *** ad need a reality check. I honestly believe you were meant to be the stain on the back of that *** wall in hat shotty hole in the wall bar u were prodbably created.

Monetary Loss: $9700.

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I would search google reviews and pick the store with the best report card and give them your business. Posting your review will make them think more about treating us right and not just like a check.

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