pinnacle Nissan's tent sale, what a joke! I've been looking for a pathfinder for several weeks and found two at their lot.

upon test driving and trying to bargain with the finance guy for almost three hours i left the dealership pissed that they wouldn't come down 20 dollars as far as my payments. so a week later i was invited to a tent sale that they would have me a car. so after six hours of jacking around and almost knocking out the finance guy because he wouldn't take" no" for an answer on the twelve hundred dollar extra extended warranty.

and on top of that i bought the pathfinder that needed tires which they gave me a we owe for but come to find out they wont put the tires on until the deal gets funded as they say... two weeks later and I'm beyond pissed...

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The sales department at Pinnacle Nissan are all such habitual liars it's criminal. Our young salesman, Travis, actually admitted "they MAKE me do this." He added "We have to do it because everybody else does." He looked so sincere, I thought he actually believed his own b.s. Later I found out what a poker-faced lying pro he is. I have news for you Travis. Nobody is as bad as your dealership. Don't trust any of these guys as far as you can throw them.

These slimy hucksters use every trick in the book and then some. On our transaction alone, which we started researching online, they put a photo of a loaded model up next to a price from a lesser model so they'd look like they had the best prices to lure you to come in. We called to ask if it was an "out the door" price and were assured it was.

We immediately drove in from across the Valley only to be told the vehicle quoted didn't have the features in the photo (roof rack, etc.) AND, lo and behold, that particular one was "just sold" anyway. (Really?) But here's some other ones at higher prices. (Predictable, huh.)

After negotiating a brand new out-the-door price and deal, we sit down to the paperwork and here we go with the add-ons game. We got so mad at the games-playing that we tried to walk out, but a manager stopped us and begged for a chance to make it right.

Travis is gone, manager guy takes over. He brings in a new complicated quote sheet, which I went over carefully while he chatted up my husband. I discover he's tried to slip back in several hundred dollars of the overcharges he'd just told us he got rid of. He just added them to another line item.

I called him on it and he tried to schmooze me into thinking I was wrong with some fast doubletalk, but the bottom line still didn't come out to what it should have so we weren't buying his *** or his vehicle. Tried to leave again, disgusted that he was as bad as his trained little junior sleazeball.

He ran us down and apologized again, saying he'd fix it. He sort of fixed it, but still tried to sneak in our still paying the taxes on the old, higher price. That can't even be legal! We made him fix that, too, and he groaned, rolled his eyes and just generally tried to make us feel like WE were nickel and diming him and are wasting his time, after he just tried to swindle us out of several hundred dollars and has wasted almost two hours of our time! Unbelievable!

But that's not all! Part of the negotiated deal was that the dealership was going to install a roof rack on the vehicle for us once the parts came in. I have now driven the vehicle there twice for the installation, originally supposedly a 5 1/2 hour job. The first time, after 4 1/2 hours (!!!) they tell me they ordered the wrong parts. And I get to drive all the way home (1 hour without traffic) after wasting most of a whole day.

The second time, a week later, they tell me on the phone the right parts are in, and it's now a 1-day job, so they'll give me a loaner car. So I drive all the way in again, and now that they've got me there, they tell me it's going to be "a few days." But I'm leaving on a biking trip to Sedona that weekend and need my vehicle back the next day as promised. "A few days" doesn't work for me, even if they do loan me a crappy "Cube" to drive. I can't put my bike rack on that thing because it doesn't have a hitch.

They trot poker-faced Travis out to the service department to try to placate me. He can't do anything for me, he says, because I didn't tell them I needed a trailer hitch for the weekend. WHAT?!!! Like it's my fault I didn't somehow know they were going to keep my car three or four times longer than they said the job was going to take on the phone and thus ruin my weekend trip plans.

I started to point out what a runaround they'd already put me through with the other trip out there and 4 1/2 hours wasted until they figured out they had the wrong parts and he tried to tell me THAT was my fault too, because I had forgotten my drivers' license so they couldn't give me a service loaner. What does that have to do with ordering the wrong parts??

The last straw was when he tried to tell me that I should have known that the job was going to take several days because the last time I drove out there they told me it would take that long. (A big fat poker-faced lie!) I blew a gasket and stormed out of the service area yelling at him at the top of my lungs, other customers gawking. (I have never lost it like that in my life!)

A service manager intervened in the sales floor area and they ended up providing me with a car with a hitch so I could go on my vacation, but I had just spent yet another miserable, stressful hour wrestling with Pinnacle Nissan to try to get what they promised me (roof rack) over a month ago. (Still don't have it, either.)

Of course the loaner vehicle had about 1 gallon of gas in it so I had to buy gas just to get home. Aughh!

People, if you're looking for a car, you need to RUN, not walk, to ANY OTHER DEALERSHIP. This place is a den of thieves. They have no shame and will lie right to your face to get a sale and their fat commissions. I don't know how they sleep at night.


Pinnacle Nissan is the worst. Bruce Weiss is a lieing sack of !@$#@. I feel for you.

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