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Pinnacle Nissan in North Scottsdale is a money hungry scheming repair shop that will gauge each person to see how much money they can milk out of him or her. My son was told he needs to pay $130 on top of standard oil change price for the mechanic to call and get a code from interlock company for his oil change.

My son offered to call and ask them to give the mechanic the code but Pinnacle Nissan refused, insisting he would need to pay $130 regardless. My son felt something was fishy and left without getting his scheduled oil change and the recall they had offered to take care of for free but they did not do either, wasting several hours of his precious time and putting his safety at risk by not doing the recall. When he told me about this, I was appalled and called the interlock company who said they have never heard of anything like this and advised me to call another oil change service provider. I then called Pinnacle Nissan and Anthony repeated the $130 charge and said I should speak to a manager since he has no authority.

I told him I did not want to speak to any managers since the managers should have resolved the issue while my son was there. He repeated the $130 charge and that he had no authority. I told him then if he has no authority he shouldn't be answering the phone. I also told him I was going to put a survey with his name on it.

He got very defensive and said he had nothing to do with it. Yeah, right. He tried to extort $130 just like the one who dealt with my son and they all sent him off without taking care of the recall on his car: Brazen lack of care for customer safety. I told Anthony Pinnacle Nissan sends us all these coupons, calls for trade ins and we have been long time customers and this is how they treat us?

I will be reporting Pinnacle Nissan to Better Business Bureau so they stop slapping exorbitant unfounded charges on unsuspecting customers and comply with recalls, not just refuse to take care of a recall because they can't charge the customer! In the meantime I called Cobble Stone Auto on north Pima road and asked how much they charge for interlock code.

They said they do not charge anything!!!!!! Shame on you Pinnacle Nissan!

Review about: Pinnacle Nissan Oil Change.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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